Commercial Insurance

The Getchell Companies contracts with insurance carriers who can offer our clients the most comprehensive coverage, superior service, and provide great value. The insurers we contract with must also must pass stringent financial rating analysis as administered by all the leading rating organizations.

For nearly twenty years we have developed a number of focused insurance solutions for the following industries.

See how your company can benefit form an industry specific program. We currently have many specific industry programs, and the list of focused programs is growing. Highlights of focused programs include:


Specific coverages designed for your industry, your operations.

Competitive Rates – developed for your industry

Proprietary rate filings that focus on your industry alone. This rating structure typically ensures that your company will have the lowest rates possible.

Options & Explanations

  • Safety Groups
  • Dividend Plans
  • Associations
  • Individual loss sensitive programs

These programs return your premiums back to you in the form of dividends based on loss history. If you qualify, dividends can be received on worker’s compensation, automobile fleet, property, liability, and other coverages.

Risk Management – Getchell Guardian

The Getchell Companies goal with every client is to view risk finance (insurance) as a last resort option. There are many situations where insurance is absolutely necessary – and other situations where other methods can reduce or eliminate risk. We employ a variety of risk management techniques through our patented program – Getchell Guardian.

Getchell Guardian utilizes both our agency and contracted carrier resources to contain and/or minimize our client’s risk. In certain situations, risk can be eliminated entirely by changing a few simple operations. Often however, elimination is not an option, but risk severity can be significantly reduced.

So what does this all mean?

A sound risk management strategy can have one of the largest impacts on a company’s bottom line. It not only makes an operation safer but can also improve efficiency and production. Through Getchell Guardian, we aim to achieve this with all of our clients who utilize this program.

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