Truck and Transportation Insurance

One of the largest overhead costs associated with a trucking and transportation operation is often the insurance premium. One of the most effective ways to lower the insurance premiums in this industry is to have a proven safe and incident free track record. The Getchell Companies goes far beyond providing a basic insurance program to trucking operations.

Through our Getchell Guardian program, we implement a sound risk management strategy that prevents or reduces losses from occurring. This in turn makes a trucking operation’s account more marketable to insurers and effectively lowers insurance premiums and overhead costs.

Our programs are available for the following operations:

  • Long/Medium/Short Haul trucking
  • Owner Operators
  • Motor Carrier
  • Private Carrier
  • Contract Carrier
  • Dump Truck Service
  • Hazmat

Is your current insurance provider working with you to reduce losses or the potential for loss making your operation more attractive to insurers?

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